Rose Fellowship for Dr David Sabiston

Dr David ‘Sabo’ Sabiston

Rose Charities International has conferred Dr David  ‘Sabo’ Sabiston with its top ‘Honourary Fellowship’ title.  The title is only considered for persons who have had many many years of outstanding charitable efforts in their past, not only for Rose Charities but in any sphere or with any other organization too.  Dr Sabiston of Hamilton, New Zealand, is a most worthy recipient of the title having had a lifetime of helping others worldwide,  Africa to the Pacific Islands in both the delivery and teaching of ophthalmic surgery.

Over the past 10 years Sabo has been helping the Rose Charities Cambodia Sight Centre, both as a Rose Charities New Zealand board member and then continuing after retirement.  The Cambodian operative eye unit was in dire need of assistance in 2002 (having recently been looted of all its equipment by thieves).  John Veale of Chritchurch (optometry)  generously traveled to the center around that time then introduced it to Sabo and Mr Mike Webber (optometry), who then proceeded, year after year,  to assist its re-establishment and re-equipping. With this input the centre has (2012) now treated over 100,000 poor Cambodians and has grown, Directed by one of its founders, Dr Hang Vra, to its position as Cambodia’s foremost eye facility.  The efforts of Sabo in this work, in teaching, raising resources and being always being available as a bastion of support has been completely outstanding. Thousands Cambodians have had their lives restored as a direct result.

Mrs Anne George receives 

Fellowship title award

on behalf of Sabo in

Penang March 2012

Recently, Dame Silvia Cartwright (Patron of Rose Charities New Zealand and Ex. Governor General of New Zealand) specifically wrote to praise the work of the clinic.

Both Sabo and Mike Webber are also worthy recipients of the New Zealand ‘Order of Merit’ – one of the highest civilian awards New Zealand offers.

The Rose Charities Fellowship honours Rose Charities in equal measure to the recipient. All members of the network are proud and hounoured by Dr Sabiston accepting this title.   The award ceremony was performed at the IVth Rose Charities International Meeting Penang in March 2012.  Sadly, Sabo was unable to attend himself through health reasons, but Ms Anne George of Rose Charities was able to accept on Sabo’s behalf and also read out some much appreciated words from Sabo carried over from New Zealand



‘Sabo’ teaching in Cambodia 2009