Rose Charities has assisted with emergency relief to all  major disasters of recent years. These have included the Asian Tsunami 2004, Indonesian volcano and earthquakes, Hurricane Katrina, Pakistan, Nepal, Bangladesh flooding episodes, Haiti earthquake etc.  Many of these have been in support of or working with our senior partner organization AMDA which itself specializes in emergency relief as one of the worlds major emergency relief organizations. As such it AMDA was able to send support to such difficult to access locations (both politially and geographically) as Myanmar, and Sichuan in PRP.   Rose Charities and AMDA Canada share logistics, facilities etc in Vancouver Canada.   Rose Charities seeks however to assist where and whenever possible if  the disaster is within a country already with ties to Rose Charities. As such, relief was sent to Samoa (tsunami 2010), and on more than one occasion Vietnam (typhoons).   Where possible also,  it is the policy to follow up any assistance with continued long term assistance,  ie Sri LankaHaiti as the directors believe that short term, high profile ‘visits’ are often of little benefit.   In addition there is some difference in what is seen by the media as a ‘disaster’ as opposed to field workers. Over a million children die from malaria alone in a year with far less press coverage than that which is given to a medium sized earthquake.

The organizers of Rose Charities see the role of Rose in disasters as one more of follow up and support of other groups as it does not operate any specialized teams (such as sniffer dogs, heavy moving equipment etc).  Some of the Rose organization however have considerable professional experience in medical, surgical, nursing and counseling and these are utilized where they are able to assist

Rose Emergency assistance locations (direct or cooperative in Asia since inception 1997

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