Special Tree Planting ‘Carbon offset’ program donation sites    …

**RosesForTrees Native Tree Planting  New Zealand**             

**Rose-Malambo  Community  Native Tree Planting Zambia**  (select Trees-Zambia from drop down menu)


Please select the donation link for your Country. If your country is not on this list, please donate through Rose Charities Canada or UK.   Thank-you for your donation!

Donate on-line through Rose Charities Canada   (Tax receipts for Canadian taxpayers)

Donate on-line  through  Rose Charities Canada via   n.b sometimes works better when using non-Canadian credit cards – immediate tax receipt – or if you want to leave message.

Countries other than Canada, please donate through one of the Canada sites above.

Cheques:  For national Rose Charities Organizations addresses, please see their websites or contact

Sustainable and Local. No frills no admin costs…