United Kingdom

GENERAL: Rose Charities UK is Rose Charities Program Support Group of individuals interested and involved in charity and needs support work both internationally and locally. It is no longer a formally registered UK charity having which allows it to put all energy and focus into the Rose ideal of focusing on assisting serious ground level needs rather than top end infrastructure

Donations are handled though Rose Charities Canada with where charity accounting standards, due diligence , paper trail and transparency monitored by the CRA (Canadian Revenue Agency) whose standards are probably the highest in the world.

Rose Charities UK organizers include retired professionals from nursing, medicine, chartered accountancy and business administration all desirous to incorporate a charitable component in their lives. The group remains open to any who are genuinely interested in joining in any capacity or whatever personal time constraint permits.

INVOLVEMENT: While Rose Charities UK is open to the support of any genuine charitable need, and is happy to incorporate such according to group decision, the two current foci are as follows;

a) Female focused higher education support Nepal: A continuation of the previous Rose Charities UK ‘E4L’ (Education for leadership) concept though implemented through Rose Charities Nepal / VTN (Vision Together Nepal) program:

b) Education and community support Zambia through Rose Charities Canada- Zambia group / Malambo Grassroots www.malambograssroots.ca

DONATIONS. Donations are gratefully accepted through the Rose Canada donation site below. Canadian donations laws are very strict so monies received with a specific target (see fields on the donation site) has to go to that target or be returned. If no target is specified then the donation will go into general funds for decision of Rose Charities Canada. https://www.canadahelps.org/en/charities/rose-charities/

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