Structure and Function

The Rose Charities International Network,  consists of a group of  independent own-country registered Rose Charities Charitable Organizations sharing goals, charitable standards, logos, and resources and  engaging in  mutual cooperation  in areas of field assistance, humanitarian relief and partnership

The network is facilitated and monitored by an international council consisting of members from all the groups.  The Councils aim is to maintain standards,target cooperation, adjudicate in any disputes   and organize communication, meetings and workshops for the group to interchange ideas and plans.

Each Rose Charities organization however works according to its own desired modus operandi, which may be in any charitable area.

Each orgnization runs its own web portal either with its own site or a social media site such as facebook. A main site  serves to promote the entire network.

Some of the organizations have a large component of international projects under their own specific umbrellas (Canada,  UK, NZ etc). Others have more programs running locally in their own countries (Malayisa, Singapore, Sri Lanka,  Cambodia etc ) .

Sustainable and Local. No frills no admin costs…