Programs by location

How we are structured…

The Rose Charities ‘family’ currently consists of 6  nationally registered Rose Charities organizations:    (reverse alphabetically) … USA,  UK,  Sri Lanka, New Zealand, Malaysia, Canada and Cambodia.  In addition, some countries run ‘Rose Program Groups’, not formally registered but nevertheless impressively active in helping  worthy causes in  or outside their own communities on a volunteer basis.  Roses  Singapore  and Nepal are such examples.

These sibling  organizations both support their own programs locally and/or internationally and/or link into jointly supported programs or other initiatives such as emergency relief / reconstruction  by the other Rose (or other) organizations.  There is no specific limit for the number of registered Rose Charities organizations. Some programs run more effectively under their own national rules, others function better beings supported by a partner Rose Organization in another country.  In a number of cases a Rose organization overseas supports an already existing local organization (such as Uno a Uno Ecuador, or Projecto San Gerado , Costa Rica or Malambo Grassroots Zambia) with the Rose organization taking on a specific part or aspect  of it

An International Council overlooks the main sibling organizations to   monitor and ensure standards (logo, mission statements etc) , steer and identify targets, promote mutually relevant policies (ie child protection, human rights etc),  assist in organizing the annual (or two yearly) international meetings,  recommend for the annual Charity Rose Award, and International Education Scholarship(s)  (run by Rose Charities UK)

Current Chair of the International Council is Dato Lawrence Cheah of Rose Charities Malaysia.


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