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New Rose Charities USA website now in action

Rose Charities NY, USA is a 501c3 registered USA Charity. Founded almost 20 years ago it has had a huge impact in supporting both ongoing programs in the USA as well as overseas.

One of Rose Charities NY’s main fundraisers , an annual street hockey tournament had become very well established and one of the ‘not to be missed’ events for those in the area (and as far afield as Quebec Canada). Sadly the covid pandemic brought an end to it as well as forced a restructure which is now ongoing

Historically Rose Charities USA had been assisting with such programs and community efforts as the Nez Pierce Native Communities in E. Washington State, physiotherapy training programs in Cambodia, Sri Lanka Community programs and Health Care in Uganda . Rose Charities NY was, is and will be an enormously respected and valuable member of the Rose Charities International group of programs and organizations.

Rose Charities NY is currently restructuring but should be up and running again soon. We apologize for those who have tried to contact or donate and found a blank website. Our donation page is back up (below) Your support is hugely important and are sincerely sorry if we have disappointed you and hope you will look at us again in coming months.

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