Rose Charities support of Nepal programs and cooperative initiatives has been ongoing for as long as Rose Charities has been in in existence. Ineed it is thanks to Nepalese health professionals (eye surgery) bravely bringing their expertise to share through Rose Charities Cambodia rural eye programs, often under very difficult and dangerous conditions that Rose Charities exists at all.

Since then a number of initiatives have been supported organized by local Nepalese personnel, including programs with womens groups, anti-trafficking, and emergency flood relief  in the  lowland ‘terrai’ area

Most recently a number of activities were triggered by the  terrible April 2015 earthquake.   Rose Charities Singapore were quickest to respond using local contacts to collect and distribute food and supplies.    Rose Charities Malaysia also sent material support

Rose Charities  Canada emergency paediatric physicians (Dr Collin Yong and Dr Pargat Burji) joined and AMDA International team (AMDA is a close partner organization with Rose Charities Canada and AMDA Canada. It is one of Japans leading emergency relief specializing organizations)

From then to the present Rose Charities Canada and New Zealand have continued to assist, always through the outstanding organization efforts of Ms Sarala Adhikari a long term member of the ‘Rose family’  from her first involvement as an eye nurse assisting Rose Cambodia eye camps.   These initiatives have included food and material distribution,  physical house building, supplying building materials for further construction, and, most recently coordinating with one of the local schools to provide scholarships for a number of children (funding from Rose Charities NZ)


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