Programs by sector

Project sectors:

Health [H], Special Needs [P], Education [E], Orphanage [G], Community dev [M], Sports [S], Microcredit/Income Generation [M], Early Childhood [I], Training [T], Counseling [C], Building/Equip/Refurb [B], Womens Groups [W], Disaster Relief [D], Safe Motherhood [F]

Project classification system.. ie XX.YY.ABCxxx

XX – Country of registration of project (internet country code used)    Internet country codes
YY- Country Rose organization of which the project is or has a component which is a member project
ABC – Function code (see tabs in this website), in order of degree of importance (two or more may be equal importance)
xxx – Number of the project (ie there may be more than one project per classification series)

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