Charity Rose Award

The Charity Rose Award is awarded annually for outstanding charitable contribution.  It may be either within or outside Rose Charities.  There is only one recipient per year though this recipient could be an organization or group.   The award carries no cash prize and is simply an acknowledgement by Rose Charities of  outstanding charitable work.

Charity Rose Laureates –   Citizenship / Area of work –  link

2005 Anthony Richard      Sri Lanka/Canada
2006 Dr Nous Sarom          Cambodia                                                                         2007 Dr Hang Vra                 Cambodia
2008 Jan Johnston              Canada/Vietnam
2008 Mr Phuoc                      Vietnam
2009 Mike Webber            New Zealand                                                                    2010    – Vacant –                                                                                                          2011 Joanna Thomson     Australia/Cambodia
2012 Andrew Macnab        Canada/Uganda
2013 Lawrence Keenan    Canada/Sri Lanka
2014 Linda Roberts             Canada/multiple Rose programs
2015 Nicole Schouela         Canada/Uganda                                                           2016  Sarala Adhikari           Nepal                                                                                2017 (Dato)  Lawrence Cheah Son Paik     Malaysia

2018 – Vacant

2019 – To be decided –

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