Uganda is one of Rose Charities most active centers.   Programs run and/or suported include the following

Stand Tall Education School:    Innovative school for all student levels focused on teaching initiative and real skills for life.  Main   partner Rose Charities Canada.   Further info

Volset School   Semi rurual school catering for younger children in a very impoverished area.    Partner Rose Charities Canada   Further info

Hillman Medical Education Fund:    Support for both health care and  health education, through individual sponsorships, teaching courses and programs.   Examples have been Ebola identification and patient handling,  safe delivery, emergency medicine (ETATS) courses etc.  Current programs included (Prof Andrew Macnab’s ) early school malaria diagnosis and treatment program,  urological screening and education of male seniors, and nutrient rich vegetable cultivation for schools.    Runs from Rose Charities Canada.  Further information  and

Smiles Uganda  :  Higher education support program . Main partner Rose Charities UK .  Further information and

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