Programs in Afghanistan have covered a number of areas operating in conjunction with the local Tabish Social Health Organization with the direction of Dr Wais Aria.   Initially programs were restricted to computing classes for women, but were then expanded to safe maternal health.     In the last 3 programs have been expanded into the refugee and displaced persons camps in the areas of birth control, save birthing and maternal and child hygiene and health

Most first-time mothers in the camps are young teenage girls 12-16 years old. They give birth in the family tent assisted by untrained family members. There is little knowledge of hygiene or safe birthing. These girls have one of the highest maternal mortality rates in the world. Working with , Tabish, we have funded 2 local midwives to work in 3 camps and try and make a difference. These midwives have worked miracles,providing pre and post natal classes, providing kits and teaching hygiene, attending all deliveries, referring complex cases to hospital, supporting breast-feeding, birth-spacing and family planning, treating infections. Since they began every baby was safely delivered with a dramatic reduction in infections. There is a significant increase in local knowledge.

In 2017 the program was awarded a $100,000 grant from a major funding agency to promote family planning in the camps. The program  collaborates with the local Imams to form mens groups to discuss the advantages and Islamic acceptance of family planning

The program runs with Rose Charities Canada

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