Helping Christchurch

Rose Charities New Zealand partly runs out of Christchurch. Within the 200 casualties, everyone knows someone who has been killed or injured though all Rose personnel fortunately escaped. The main historic center of the city is devastated. Johnny Veal (Rose NZ Optometrist) says it ‘is like a war zone, but perhaps worse as the shocks continue’.
A lot of aid and resources have been mobilized including international rescue teams. However there are needs which are not met. One such, has been identified by John himself. Many people have lost everything including their glasses. Without them they cannot function, drive, work etc. Most of the optometry clinics have been destroyed. John has stared a small emergency one in a suburb and is being overwhelmed with requests. As there has been so much loss many people now are without financial resources. Rose Charities New Zealand with support from Canada is assisting John in this initiative.

If you would like to donate, please go to the donate section of this website.  There is a field for a message ie ‘for Christchurch relief’ after the donation is made.   <DONATE NOW>