Rose Charities believes every child should have access to education. Rose Charities supports preschools, schools, vocational training and university scholarships in projects around the world.


Rose Charities Sri Lanka helps villages build and operate their own preschools through an innovative program that uses women’s groups and micro-finance.


Rose Charities Canada supports primary schools in Uganda, Zambia, Madagascar and Guatemala that provide an education for children who would have no other opportunity.

Rose Charities Sri Lanka has an extensive program of educational support for both primary and secondary students.

Rose USA supports a high school enrichment program with the Nez Pearce People in Oregon USA.

Post Secondary Education

A $250 scholarship will cover the cost of a student for a year. These scholarships have enabled over 50 students to graduate from university or training college in Sri Lanka, Cambodia and Afghanistan.

Vocational training programs in Sri Lanka, Uganda and Vietnam assist young people to develop a livelihood.